The Degrowth Commission is publishing the first issue of its journal ‘Less’ in February 2020.

This is a call for papers. This is a ‘economic and ecological’ journal, recognising that the climate crisis is part of a wider socio-ecological crisis. Contributions are invited from anyone, this is not a publication confined to or defined by any academic institution.

Issue 1 asks: what does Degrowth mean in Scotland, and how do we begin to create it?

Papers or chapters on the following themes are invited:

Emancipatory Politics, Participation, Institutions

  • Grounding Degrowth in Scottish culture
  • Capitalism and economic growth
  • Degrowth and independence
  • Societal organization and coordination beyond growth
  • Democracy beyond growth
  • Degrowth and bioregionalism
  • Distribution and basic income
  • Degrowth and social justice
  • Social movements, self-organisation
  • Strategies for communicating degrowth

Commons, Society-Nature relations

  • Decolonisation and degrowth
  • (Eco)feminism and degrowth
  • Rethinking Scottish Land Reform around a degrowth agenda
  • Productivity and (re)productivity beyond growth
  • Environmental justice
  • Thrift
  • Urban agriculture
  • Reimagining Scottish cities in a degrowth economy
  • (De)commodification of nature
  • Work, labour, and socially meaningful activities beyond growth
  • Commons, solidarity, and the gift economy
  • Gender and degrowth

Open knowledge. Conviviality. Buen vivir

  • Buen vivir, indigenous self-determination and post-development
  • Cultural drivers of growth
  • (De)urbanization and (de)alienation
  • Convivial and experimental learning
  • Convivial, free, appropriate and open source technology
  • Building a Digital commons
  • Spirituality, reconnection and economy
  • Knowledge generation, research & development, technology
  • Alternative welfare models: well-being, happiness, needs, and the good life
  • Cultural, anthropological, and ethical perspectives on degrowth

Different traditions of growth critique are invited to a fruitful dialogue.

Papers should be between 2000-3000 words.

If you have an idea for a submission that you would like to discuss with us, do not hesitate to get in touch. Deadline for Less Issue 1 is 12 December 2019. Complete papers should be sent to info@enough.scot

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