Learning from Lockdown

What did lockdown reveal about ourselves, our communities, our society, our government? From across Scotland, we want to gather some of the #learningfromlockdown.

We want to hear your thoughts; good, bad, indifferent. Personal reflections or political rants. What have we learnt about what really matters? And as the return to ‘normal’ ramps up – what about ‘normal’ might we not want back? What must we remember?

In some ways, the lockdown has been an unprecedented collective experience. In other ways lockdown has been far from a shared experience — revealing shameful inequalities around health. Where these have been hard lessons — what must not be forgotten? By who?

What has the pandemic uncovered, for us, about our economic system and the other structures that we depend upon to support us during hard times? We have seen inspirational responses from community and mutual aid groups across the country. What has this experience taught us that needs to be captured and shared?

We plan to gather together responses to record this moment. If there are lessons to be learned, we want to share them so that they can shape the conversations going forward. Conversations about the kind of recovery that will deliver more equality or stave off future crises in Scotland. How we collectively rebuild our lives, our economy and our society, in a world radically altered by the pandemic.

We want to be creative in how we share back responses publicly. This might be through our website, via large-scale projections or in local window displays. When we share we’ll use your words but nothing else — this is about sharing the learning, rather than who learnt it.

Share yours by using the hashtag #learningfromlockdown (hashtag which community you’re tweeting from) or share your thoughts on Enough’s #learningfromlockdown Facebook group. 

This is an experimental process for us. If you have ideas as to how this might be useful to your community – we’d love to hear from you. We’re also aware that it’s overly reliant on digital access. We are exploring how to take this offline — using postcards or chalk art. If you have other suggestions, let us know. If you are a community organisation and you want to use this idea or hashtag in your own community – please go ahead!

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