Open Call for LESS #2

LESS is a journal of degrowth, radical sufficiency and decolonisation in Scotland. 

LESS questions and challenges dominant narratives about what economic progress means in Scotland, and sketches out alternative visions. The focus is on collective and democratic solutions to sustaining livelihoods that meet people’s needs while rising to the threats of climate change, ecocide and mass extinction, inequality, racism and the far right, and the interconnected oppressive and extractivist logic that feeds all of these. 

For our second issue we invite a combination of commentary relating to degrowth, opinion pieces, poetry and art work, as well as stories about practical action. Contributions are invited from people with lived knowledge in these areas, researchers, poets, creative writers and artists. 

Meeting our needs in a place we call home 

The second issue of LESS will be looking at degrowth in the context of Brexit and the pandemic. We invite contributions around themes such as

  • co-creating welcoming communities in Scotland within ecological limits
  • strengthening and restoring alternative economies in Scotland and connections with European grassroots networks 
  • post-pandemic recovery compatible with degrowth principles
  • resisting climate breakdown and the unraveling of our fragile ecosystems

To respond to the Open Call, please email your proposal of no more than half a page + a short bio or link to your work by Sunday, the 14th of February to with “LESS2 proposal” in the subject line. We aim to get back to you within a few days to let you know if your piece has been accepted.

Upon receiving confirmation that your piece has been accepted, it should be submitted within a couple of weeks, and should be approximately 2000 – 3000 words in length for articles (although other formats are accepted). We pay a fee of £240 for each published piece.

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