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Enough! firmly believes in the use of cultural activism as one of the key acupuncture points to disrupt existing narratives, (re)imagine alternatives and to (re)create cultural codes, messages and values for our future(s). Enough! want to puncture the collective consciousness and provoke questioning, ideas and action.

The creative response commissions six artists (self-identified) through a combination of invitation and open call, to undertake projects that engage with ideas these ideas around degrowth.


We recognise the connection between climate change and our culture of ‘consumption’ isn’t being made to broader intersectional issues within our societies; increased suspicion and competition towards each other, huge debts, the erosion of care and ever worsening living and working conditions.

The concept of Repository of the Undercommons comes from many places, pleasures and pains. Thoughts (un)spoken, whispers, theories and shouts of joy/rage. It comes from all of us and us all. From our repositories.

Thank you to Suzanne and Aimé Césaire, to those who think and live in the in-between – (re)creating ways of being and Stefano Harney and Fred Moten’s, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study, where Repository of the Undercommons draws its name from.

Artists in residence are supported to lead on a programme of events including talks, screenings, workshops which will highlight the work they are undertaking and explore how current social, political, civic and economic issues can be understood in relation to climate change.

Dedicated time together will consist of explorations on cultural activism/hacking/jamming and decoloniality/degrowth/deep adaptation. It gives selected artists a chance to meet each other and discuss/develop ideas as part of a wider conversation.

This also provides an opportunity for discovering ways in which people and projects can complement each other, and instil a sense of learning and support between artists and communities.

The work from the creative response strand will be presented collectively from 2020.

It is hoped, Enough!’s artists in residence will be able to exhibit and/or tour their contributions as part of a static/travelling exhibition in 2020 and beyond.

Enough! intend that this work will have a legacy and will create a resource pack based on the Repository of the Undercommons, to be made available to anyone afterwards.


Our artists in residence are invited to find time to reflect, research and/or produce work.

During the Repository of the Undercommons project, the artists in residence are encouraged to dismantle invisible and imagined borders/boundaries and undertake an exploration of their practice which is freeing, provocative and centres collective liberation.

Learn more about Enough!’s artists in residence below.

Fadzai Mwakutuya

Read more about Fadzai Mwakutuya and their project, Climate Change Creative Collective (CCCC) here.











Nosheen Khwaja

Read more about Nosheen Khwaja and their project, Brown Noise/White Noise here.



Chris Manson

Read more about Chris Manson and their project, Red Threads of Fate here.



Jamie Temple

Read more about Jamie Temple and their project, Shifting Sands. Lost Horizons, Lost Horizons and Marram’s Curse here.



Nalini Paul

Read more about Nalini Paul and their project, Language, Loss and Identity: an exploration of Orkney/Highland stories here.





Verbena Blue Collective

Read more about Verbena Blue Collective and their project, Land-Filled here.

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