In 2019 – 2020, Enough!’s work was organised through four main strands:

An Ideas Response which helped diffuse ideas which challenge the dominant ‘growth at all costs’ story.
An Artistic Response was unbound in interrupting/disrupting and inspiring alternative presents and futures.
A Community Response supported communities to engage with these ideas and explore what they mean for them in practice.
A Routes Response aimed to (re)connect Scotland to mainland Europe through learning journeys.

Through the various strands of work, Enough! sought to strategically build relationships with and between groups and individuals who are explicitly challenging and exploring alternatives to capitalism, focused on issues of equity and oppression and/or who are environmentally focused in order to help demonstrate and make as visible as possible the interconnected nature of all these challenges.

At the time, Enough!’s work was still framed through degrowth and deep adaptation. Since then, we have moved away from positioning around deep adaptation, and are framing our work through degrowth and decolonisation instead.

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Degrowth Commission
A series of events and collection of media content to develop conversations and networks of action around alternative ways of organising in Scotland.
Routes Response
A series of travel bursaries to specifically support activists based in Scotland to go on a low carbon reconnaissance trip and bring back ideas from other countries about how to practically implement economic, social and climate alternatives.
Creative Response
A research and development programme for creative practitioners who want to respond to the Enough! themes and engage in the development of new work to extend their creative practice.
Community Response
An initial pilot exploring how big ideas like degrowth and deep adaption can have practical applications on the ground in local communities in Scotland.

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