Enough! is an informal collective of activists in Scotland who have come together to take action on challenging our dominant economic system. We are:

    Layla-Roxanne Hill

    Layla-Roxanne is a writer/artist/activist interested in decolonialism, intersecting identities and media. She advocates for wide-ranging social change and is also active within the trade union movement. You can follow her at @lrh151

      Mike Small

      Mike Small is a freelance writer, journalist, author and publisher. He has edited Bella Caledonia since 2007. You can follow him at @bellacaledonia

        Mairi McFadyen

        Mairi is a writer, researcher and activist based in Inverness. She is also a regular contributor to Bella Caledonia. You can follow her at @mjmcfadyen

          LUKE DEVLIN

          Luke is a human ecologist and researcher based in Govan. You can follow him at @geopoetic

            Bronagh Gallagher

            Bronagh is involved in a coherent mess of stuff, including facilitation of all types of participatory and collaborative processes and supporting groups who are developing alternative ways of working and organising.

              Gehan Macleod

              With a background in 90s activism, Gehan is caught up with prefigurative work with the degrowth and decolonisation collective Enough! and GalGael – a community based in Govan, Glasgow that makes, decides and learns together – originating around a protest fire at Pollok Free State, an anti motorway camp.

                Svenja Meyerricks

                Svenja is a researcher, human ecologist, activist and mama. She is also a co-operative member of the Centre for Human Ecology. You can follow her at @krautwild