Enough! also runs various short projects and works in partnership with other organisations or initiatives that respond to the frames of degrowth and decolonisation.

These projects and collaborations correspond to our main work areas, which are:

  • building and nurturing networks
  • culture jamming and narrative work
  • learning and unlearning
  • power up and organise.

You can read more about these small projects and collaborations below.

Degrowth Conference Session

Enough! is going to host a sub-theme session with Svenja Meyerricks and Ewan Mackenzie at the joint conference of the International Degrowth Research Network and the International Society for Ecological Economics on 5th – 8th July 2021. The title of the session is “The Scottish Degrowth Commission: work, livelihoods and a ‘just transition’”. See our open call for contributions (deadline 31st May) for more information and submission guidelines.

Global Degrowth Day

In 2021, Global Degrowth Day will be on the 5th of June. Last year, Enough! marked it with a creative writing workshop and a public statement. For details on how we mark this year’s day, watch this space!

Incredible Edible Inverness

Enough! has established a partnership with Incredible Edible Inverness, which came into being in June 2020 with covid and resultant emphasis on local food being a primary driver for its inception. You can read more about the project here.

Learning from Lockdown

In summer 2020, Enough! asked, “What did lockdown reveal about ourselves, our communities, our society, our government?” From across Scotland, we gathered some of the #learningfromlockdown – read more here.

Less for Lent

LESS for Lent is an online and offline collective season including reflection, group work, transformation practices, movement and fasting from the destructive products of consumerism. It is an initiative of the Enough Collective’s Degrowth Commission, led by Luke Devlin. Read more here about last season’s Less for Lent 2021: Sanctuary.

A People’s Plan for Glasgow

Enough! is involved in The People’s Plan for Glasgow, a collaboration of groups, organisations, campaigns and individuals to co-create an alternative plan for people and the city. It is a humanifesto which rejects the market based, corporate perspective that has failed to offer many citizens wellbeing in any form. The plan will build on the amazing work many groups are already doing in areas like housing, migrant justice, transport, planning, equality for all, sustainability, health and economy. The aim is to hold conversations in communities all over the city, in all sorts of forums. Read more about it here.

Upending Conversations

Upending Conversations were a series of online events devised in spring 2020, hosting speakers and inviting participants to share their sense-making of the pandemic context in relation to degrowth and decolonisation. The talks given by Sapna Agarwal, Ailie Rutherford, Tawona Sithole and Mike Small were recorded and uploaded to our website here. We published the resources mentioned in Sapna Agarwal’s talk on Searching for a Decolonised Childhood in subsequent blog posts – one for parents of young children and one for parents of primary and secondary aged children.