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As Enough! we recognise there is as a battle of ideas and know that we are holding concepts and understandings that fundamentally and directly challenge the mainstream narrative of economy, good society and social/climate stability.

In a direct challenge to the orthodoxy of growth at all costs we are seeking to spread of the concepts of degrowth, deep adaptation and related ideas and explore what they would mean in a Scottish context. Our aim is to support the questioning of long held norms assumed in political dialogue and to help bring a robustness and credibility to disruptive, and potentially easily dismissed, ideas.

Degrowth (French: décroissance) is a political, economic, and social movement based on ecological economics, anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist ideas. It is also considered an essential economic strategy responding to climate breakdown.

Degrowth completely rejects mainstream economic and political thinking that assumes that endless choice and endless consumption are either socially productive or ecologically viable. It’s become very clear that ecological collapse and a parallel psychological disaffection is driven by human consumption and results in remorseless resource depletion. An independent Scotland must be alive to the new reality, to the opportunities for change and survival and to the possibilities of a society based on living and being not just consuming.

Events, Articles, Interviews, Podcasts and Films

The Degrowth Commission’s focus is on hosting events and producing and commissioning articles, interviews, podcasts and films exploring how degrowth can be used to understand and map a more sustainable Scotland.


In 2019, the Degrowth Commission hosted a couple of events to bring together interested people and speakers with ideas to share.

Enough!’s launch event on 30th March 2019 featured Katherine Trebeck from the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and Nonhlanhla Makuyana from Stir to Action.

On 21st September 2019, Enough!’s Degrowth Commission hosted an event on Deep Adaptation, Deep Solidarity with Jem Bendell and Gehan Macleod.

In 2020, the Degrowth Commission stimulated conversations and shared ideas in a range of ways:

Degrowth Commission
A series of events and collection of media content to develop conversations and networks of action around alternative ways of organising in Scotland.
Routes Response
A series of travel bursaries to specifically support activists based in Scotland to go on a low carbon reconnaissance trip and bring back ideas from other countries about how to practically implement economic, social and climate alternatives.
Creative Response
A research and development programme for creative practitioners who want to respond to the Enough! themes and engage in the development of new work to extend their creative practice.
Community Response
An initial pilot exploring how big ideas like degrowth and deep adaption can have practical applications on the ground in local communities in Scotland.

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