Degrowth and Deep Adaptation

In 2019, Enough! supported three individuals who were active or exploring issues connected to Degrowth and Deep Adaptation to undertake low carbon learning journeys to projects/people in Europe who have experience, expertise or approaches that may be of interest in Scotland. The individuals who undertook these journeys represented a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

We worked collaboratively with individuals and supported them to create their route map and equip them with the skills and tools required to get the most out of the project.

The Routes journeyers were:

Christopher Silver – read about his journey here.

Gehan Macleod – read about her journey here.

Nish Doshi – read about their journey here and here.


The Routes project was inspired by the FairTransport ships such as the Nordlys which sails without an engine and is possibly the world’s oldest cargo ship (1873) still working. The idea was that individuals could sail to Europe and then embark on a predetermined route to meet with projects/people of interest.

A Low-Carbon Route Map

Through these journeys, Enough! aimed to create a low-carbon route map around Europe. We sought to change the pace and give people a new experience – a new modality to help refresh / awaken / enliven ourselves. The idea was to connect people throughout Europe working on responses to new climate realities, degrowth and deep adaptation. The purpose was to support people working in community in Scotland by offering them the chance to travel and engage with ideas across the continent. By being asked to articulate their own project, community or work they gained insight from afar. In doing this we were creating a loop back to Scotland bringing new ideas and people and contacts.

Degrowth Commission
A series of events and collection of media content to develop conversations and networks of action around alternative ways of organising in Scotland.
Routes Response
A series of travel bursaries to specifically support activists based in Scotland to go on a low carbon reconnaissance trip and bring back ideas from other countries about how to practically implement economic, social and climate alternatives.
Creative Response
A research and development programme for creative practitioners who want to respond to the Enough! themes and engage in the development of new work to extend their creative practice.
Community Response
An initial pilot exploring how big ideas like degrowth and deep adaption can have practical applications on the ground in local communities in Scotland.

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