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An economy for Scotland that’s better than growth?

Katherine Trebeck, author of The Economics of Arrival on why Scotland needs to embrace a de-growth agenda.In 1983 President Reagan declared, ‘There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits to human intelligence, imagination and wonder’. That was an era when students were striking against the risk of atomic war, when celebrities sang that aid and charity...

What We Might Find in Making Ourselves at Home

In everyday economics, there is no such thing as enough, or too much, growth. Yet in the world’s most developed countries, growth has already brought unrivaled prosperity: we have ‘arrived’. More than that, through debt, inequality, climate change and fractured politics, the fruits of growth may rot before everyone has a chance to enjoy them. It’s high time to ask where progress is taking us, and are we nearly there yet? This is an extract from The Economics of Arrival – Ideas for a Grown Up Economy by Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams.