Artist in Residence: Verbena Blue Collective

Verbena Blue Collective

For the Enough! residency we would like to introduce ourselves as Verbena Blue Collective; a collective of theatre/arts related professionals whom after working on dictated and closed projects, have decided to create an original, experimental and more open path, which will allow us to create works aligned more closely to our beliefs, convictions and taste.

Verbena Blue Collective aims to break establishment boundaries and seeks alternative options which will respond and address social/political/environmental challenges.

Current members of Verbena Blue Collective are: Leonor Estrada/Co-Director, Paul Kennard/Composer, Coach Anton Vasiliadis/Sound Designer, Dani San Roman & Marta Aspe/Costume, Daniel Stote/Lx Designer, Zane Gray/Stage-Words and Ruben San Roman/Concept-Set Design.


The main aim of our project Land-Filled, will be to create a small theatre piece able to address how our current actions as a society are scrupulously linked to the climate change crisis, and, actually will have a knock-on effect in the future.

Hence, we are (re)imagining a time not too far in the future, as a dystopian group who are (re) inventing how human lives have been adapting their direction(s) on a completely collapsed and chaotic surrounding environment.

We have found ourselves drawn to creating awareness of the climate crisis through our research and the mix of music/soundscapes, theatre and storytelling in our practice.

For this reason, Land-Filled will engage all sorts of audiences to provoke an immediate response, social action and critical thought.

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