New ONLINE SHORT COURSE – Degrowth in Scotland: Degrowing the Economy, Regrowing Our Lives

New Online Short Course
6 Weeks Running 6 Oct – 10 Nov 2020
Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Enough! and the Centre for Human Ecology are offering an online short course (delivered via Zoom) which will introduce participants to the historic gains and problems of economic growth and the principles of degrowth and ecological economics. The course will discuss different frameworks for an economics of radical sufficiency – meeting fundamental human needs and promoting new rhythms and ways of working for a more just and sustainable world.

The course will also introduce exciting new ideas and projects which promote the flourishing of degrowth principles in a Scottish context

The course will not be assessed, although course participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Centre for Human Ecology. All participants will be asked to practically engage with the course material by forming peer learning groups and to undertake an inquiry of an area in their life and work which engages with principles of degrowth. They will be asked to present their findings back to the group in the last session.


Week 1: Economic Growth, its History, Gains & Problems
Week 2: Introducing Degrowth Principles
Week 3: Degrowth in Practice: Human Flourishing
Week 4: Rhythms of Time and Work
Week 5: Degrowth in Scotland: Ideas and Practice
Week 6: Participant Presentations

Participants will receive a handbook with recommended readings. Every session includes a short introduction to read before the live class alongside one or two fundamental introductory readings. For those who want to engage further, additional in-depth readings and extra resources will be provided.

Contributors: Lorenzo Velotti, Luke Devlin, Dr Mairi McFadyen, Martin Krobath & Dr Svenja Meyerricks. Lorenzo Velotti was involved in the postponed UK Degrowth Summer School 2020 and Martin Krobath has contributed teaching and learning to the European Degrowth Summer Schools.

Course Pricing:

This course has been developed collaboratively by CHE, Enough!, Lorenzo Velotti and Martin Krobath, working according to co-operative values. We are making the handbook freely available to all under a Creative Commons licence. The production of the course content has required a substantial amount of research, design, delivery and resources. We wish to ‘practice what we preach’ with regards to a course that examines degrowth economics and as such, no one will be prevented from accessing the course for financial reasons. At the same time, we uphold the value of academic labour and knowledge creation, and ask participants to discern how they are able to help sustainably resource this kind of work, within the limits of our current exchange economy and a pandemic downturn. As such, we are offering several levels of suggested course fee contributions, and invite you to consider the level most suitable to you. All income from this course will go towards our co-operative educational and charitable work.


£200- Solidarity
This rate is for those with access to organisational training budgets, sufficient income, or who wish to financially support the course and our work. It’s also a rate in solidarity with those who are participating who are not able to make a financial contribution.

£150- Waged
This rate is for those on an average income or above who are in the position to cover approximately the full per-person delivery cost of the course.

£80- Concessions
This rate is for those on a below-average income who are in the position to make a contribution which will cover around half the per-person delivery cost of the course.

FREE or pay what you can –
This rate is for those who, for any reason whatsoever, are not in the position to make contributions at the above rates. Any financial contribution is valued- if you sincerely cannot at this time, this is not a barrier to your participation.

Applying for the course:

To request a space on the course, please fill in the application form by Sunday 13th September. We will get back to applicants a few days later.

If you have any further, please email [email protected] with ‘Online Degrowth Course’ in the subject heading. Thank you!

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